Welcome to the WCA

The White Crane Academy was founded to provide a practical and practitioner led approach to learning Chinese Herbal Medicine. Rejecting dogma, WCA course leaders are experienced practitioners, teachers, often researchers, who want to share their knowledge and expertise with the next generation of herbal practitioner.

WCA’s founding principles are:

  • Provides a rigorous training that ensures the fundamental building blocks of Chinese Herbal Medicine are in place.
  • Ensures its teachers are clinically experienced.
  • Organises excellent clinical training in our student clinic & in China.
  • Enables students to connect with living plants & the ecology of herbal medicines.

An introduction to Chinese Herbal Medicine

Here’s a video we shot of Dr. Andrew Flower introducing the concepts of Chinese herbal medicine to a varied audience at ICOM in February 2018. Andrew took us through some of his favourite herbs. We tasted them, sniffed them, discussed their individual properties and explored how they could be combined. Andrew’s enthusiasm, knowledge and wisdom had us all captivated.